A dress reproduced from the COSMIC WONDER Light Source's performance piece" Light Streams" released in 2009.

Composed of organic cotton typewriter, organic lawn and organic cotton satin. An original HAKKAKU-SHINKA embroidery on circular parts.Obi belt made of organic farmed hand-spun cotton comes with the dress.

It comes in beige & Sumi-dyed grey produced with many layers of dye.


Cosmic Wonder collection.

Initiated by Japanese artist Yukinori Maeda in 1997, Cosmic Wonder spans clothing, artwork, publishing, and performance. Its garments are designed with natural materials using traditional Japanese techniques, with a dedication to sustainability.

 Cosmic Wonder studies various aspects of light and weaves these ideas into the clothing to create an environmental effect, shifting the balance of everyday occurrences.

  • Made in Japan.
  • Made from 100% Organic Cotton broad.
  • 2X side pockets
  • Available in Beige and Grey
  • Japanese size 1 Available (M)
  •  Relaxed fit

Sold Out

Type: DRESS    
Vendor: Cosmic wonder
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