Pink Large Spanish Botijo

WDR Collective & Inspiration:
Beautiful Pink Spanish Botijo by Ceramic artist Loli Cardenoso.

The Spanish botijo (or búcaro) is one of the most interesting bottles. This is beautiful and very useful.
It's made of porous clay with the intention of holding water. Its best claim to fame is that it keeps the water cool under really hot conditions (provided it's kept in the shade) and even better, it never changes the water flavour.
Fill the botijo with fresh water. Fill with water from the tap.
Refill the botijo every time you drink water. 
Spanish Botijo can be used as a watering pot for the plants.

Dimentions : 20cm X 25cmX 13cm

*There is a minor crack in a handle and it has fixed.


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Type: ceramics    
Vendor: Wonderound
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