Yard Sale Project Over Easy Coffee table

Coffee table in a variety of hardwoods. Inspired by holy pebbles on a beach.

Size: 82cm* 38cm* 47cm(height)

About artist :

Set up in 2010, Yard Sale Project has been growing fast in reputation and portfolio. Yard Sale Project is Ian Spencer and Cairn Young, and the work they design and produce together is labelled as made by Yard Sale Project.

Together they create one-off and small batch pieces of furniture that combine the unique design skills of Young with the making talents of Spencer. All Yard Sale Project items are made by them in their workshop and studio in South London, aiming to bring together the ‘cool’ of the world of design with the obsessive applied skills of handmade one-offs.

Yard Sale Project’s work has been sold in exhibitions all over the world, including Design Miami, PAD Paris and Gallery Seoul 12. The Museum of Art and Design, New York featured Roccapina V in their show Against The Grain in 2013. 




Type: Furniture    
Vendor: W O N D E R O U N D
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